Expert Pet Microchipping

Our veterinary clinic in Halifax, Nova Scotia is proud to offer professional microchipping services for cats and dogs to provide you with peace of mind and enhance the security of your furry family members.

The Importance of Pet Microchipping

AprilVets believes in taking proactive steps to ensure the well-being of your pets. Microchipping of cats and dogs is a simple yet effective way to:

  • Reunite lost pets with their owners
  • Provide a permanent form of identification
  • Enhance the chances of a safe return in case of emergencies


Professional and Painless Pet Microchipping for Cats and Dogs

Our experienced veterinarians at AprilVets make the microchipping process stress-free for both pets and owners. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Quick and painless procedure for dogs, cats, and even smaller pets
  • Placement of a tiny, electronic chip beneath your pet’s skin
  • Registration of unique identification details, ensuring easy access in case your pet is lost


The Microchipping Process

  • Schedule an appointment: Contact AprilVets Bayers Lake to schedule a convenient time for your pet’s microchipping.
  • Quick and Painless Procedure: The microchipping process is quick and virtually painless, ensuring minimal stress for your pet.
  • Update Your Information: Keep your contact details updated to ensure a smooth reunification process if your pet is ever lost.


The Versatility of Microchipping: Beyond Identification

Microchipping your pet offers a multitude of advanced benefits that go beyond simple identification:

  • Secure Pet Doors: Microchip-activated pet doors provide a secure way for your pet to enter and exit your home. These doors only open for your microchipped pet, keeping other animals out and ensuring your pet’s safety.
  • Selective Feeding Systems: With microchip-enabled feeders, manage your pet’s diet effectively. These systems allow only the designated pet access to food, ideal for pets with special dietary needs or for controlling portions in multi-pet households.

Personalized Pet Care: Microchipping offers a personalized approach to pet care, ensuring that your pet’s unique needs are met, whether it’s accessing their food or entering and leaving your home securely.

Contact us today to book an appointment and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier life for your furry companions. Our clinic is located in the SmartCentres Halifax shopping centre, accessible to pet parents in Bayers Lake, Clayton Park West, Sherwood Heights, Fairview, Beechville, and the surrounding Halifax neighbourhoods.

Opening in January 2024!