Why Vets Like AprilVets

In response to the pressing need for enhanced pet healthcare options across Canada, AprilVets is forging partnerships with experienced veterinarians to establish state-of-the-art, modern, and tech-enabled clinics that redefine the standards of pet care.

Modern Clinics

Light, warm and modern clinics with state-of-the-art equipment

Custom Technology

Cutting-edge practice management software, apps, and tech cuts down on paperwork for vets and enhances patient experiences

Turnkey Process

Derisk your vet start-up utilizing proven business plans and patient pathways

Tier-1 Marketing

Leverage new media platforms and marketing strategies

Purchasing Power

AprilVets supplier and partner relationships unlock favorable rates for every AprilVets clinic

Expert Business Support

Experts in Construction, Interior Design, Finance, Legal, Accounting, Recruiting, Equipment, Software, IT, and Marketing

Professional Development

Continuing education and career development opportunities

Peer Support

Cross-clinic collaboration and support with special and complicated cases

Career & Financial Flexibility

Maintain equity in your growing business with options for financial freedom

Interested in partnering with AprilVets?